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What Did You Say?


 God wants to focus our attention on the words that are coming out of our mouths and to realize the power that they possess.  I think, like all fathers, God is experiencing a little displeasure and weariness with the pattern of communication between He and His modern-day church...  which has typically become -- they beg for 'stuff' and His job is to 'bless' them with it.  


The problem is that His people seem to have overlooked one of the most GOD-like attributes bestowed upon mankind ... which is the Power to Create with WORDS.  


God may hear your prayers and petitions, but what speaks louder are your 'everyday' conversations.  There is a reason why you may not be receiving a lot of what you're asking for in prayer.  'What did you say AFTER you prayed?'  



We ask, plead, and petition God for change or success in our ventures... and at the same time, and many times in the same sentence, we speak the very opposite negative words into our situation.  We ask God to help us, and yet we speak that the opposite is going to happen.  For instance, you ask God for healing and in the same breath, you say that something, or someone, is making you sick.  You pray for a financial break or opportunity, and hours later you decree that you probably won't get it. You wonder why you can't keep employment; why you're never chosen for advancement, when you're constantly saying that you can never get ahead, and how nothing good ever happens for you.  You wonder why you're alone when you're constantly speaking that you're a loner.   'You shall have whatsoever you saith!'


The problem again... you're praying for God to do something great, and at the same time, you are putting your faith in the negative words that you're speaking about the situation. 


Notice even how a situation may begin to turn out as you've asked...  BUT somehow it changes for the worse.  The pain went away after you prayed, but it came back worse. You got the account, but you lost it! What did you say? Did you 'say' that it probably wouldn't last?  Did you speak death or life into your situation?  Your Words are the driving force behind your outcomes.  



You can look at your present situation or condition, and trace it back to what you have SAID in the past.  What did you say about your marriage? What did you say about your health? What did you say about your job or business? What did you say about your children? What did you say about your future? The outcome of any situation is ALWAYS affected by WHAT YOU SAY! 



Solomon, in Pro 18:21, speaks of the 'power' of the tongue.  The word translated 'power' is from the Hebrew word 'yad' which means 'hand'. The hand can build up or tear down.  It is can comfort or crush.  It has the power to heal and the power to destroy. We can use our Words (tongues) just like we use our hands!   


It would be difficult to blame God or anyone else for your condition, when it may very well be the creative force behind your Words that has caused your dilemma.  In fact, many times God has blessed you despite your negative confessions. How much more will you see the hand of God move for you, if your daily conversations were in agreement with your prayer requests.


Change your Words and Change your surroundings.  Change your words and change your health! Change your Words and Change your finances! Change your Words and Change your LIFE!



We SPEAK Blessings to You and your Family for this Holiday Season!


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