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Bishop Dr. Glories Powell

Bishop Dr. Glories Powell is the CEO and founder of The Moment of Truth Ministries, Inc., headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is the Lead Pastor of CODA MINISTRIES and the Suffragan Bishop of the Nevada District Council and Fellowship of Churches. She is a respected prophetic voice, author, and business owner. She hosts 'The Spirit of Revelation' television and 'The Moment of Truth' radio broadcasts.

Bishop Powell is the CEO of the Kingdom Business Success Mentoring and Consulting Group; the President of REVIVE Behavioral Health, LLC., a Board Member of KCIA (Kingdom Congressional International Alliance), and a Certified Trainer with BOSS the Movement (a success-training program for youth).​ 


She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she majored in criminal psychology and ethnic studies.  She holds a doctorate in Theology from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary and has over 30 years of experience in Christian counseling. Her education has enabled her to become a skilled instructor in subjects of Homiletics, Hermeneutics, Biblical Studies, and Prophetic training.

​Her books include: 'The Handbook for Evangelists and Ministers, 'Yielding to the Power of the Prophetic,' ‘Get Back Out There,’ and a daily devotional ‘How to Touch God.’​

Bishop Glories Powell is passionate about motivating people to accomplish their Divine Calling, Spiritual growth, and economic empowerment.  


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