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   The ABC Method of Bible Study



Choose a passage of Scripture, and as you read it, pause for a time of reflection at the end of each verse. 


Step 1 A = A title. The title you choose should be one that clearly identifies the main theme of the passage and is memorable (make it fun). You will probably want to do this after you have become more familiar with the content. 


Step 2 B = Best verse.  The best verse is the one that you like the most out of the passage you just read. Write down that verse reference. 


Step 3 C = Cross-reference.  How does the rest of the Bible shed light on these verses? Find cross-references for every verse. Chart these references and include space for a brief description summarizing each passage. Afterwards, refer back to all of the summaries. How do these verses, together , enhance your understanding of God’s Word? 


Step 4 D = Difficulties.  Read each verse. Are any of them too difficult for you to explain to someone else? If so, write down the verse reference and the question you have about its meaning— be specific. Now, do your own study, checking the context, similar passages, commentaries, and so forth, until you are able to answer your own questions. If you are still stumped after doing your own study discuss your questions with other mature believers, and refer to commentaries. Don’t stop until you are satisfied that your questions are all answered. Now you are ready to share your insights with others. 


Step 5 E = Exegeses.  Outline or summarize the most important points of the passage. In this step, you are only observing and recording what the passage says, not what it means. An outline divides the passage into its natural paragraphs, giving a brief title or heading to each section. List as many sub-points under each of the main headings as needed to define the contents. A summary is simply a retelling of the main subject of the passage. 


  As you have been slowly reading and studying God’s Word, what have you been able to take away from your time? What do you feel God has been speaking to you? Is any change required in your life? What is your personal application today?


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