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Character Assassination

Character Assassination! It's time to fight back!Whose talking about you and...Why?

Let me start by answering the question 'whose talking about you' with... WHO Cares!!!

Now that that's out, we can look at a strategy that will alleviate the irritating frustration that comes from the attack of the 'Character Assassin!'

The Bible calls such a person a backbiter, a gossip and a murderer. If you're from old school 70's it was called 'dumping salt.' But I call them character assassins. An assassin is someone that 'murders an important person in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons to gain power.'

So, Why do they do it? You would think these weak, vicious, insecure people would have some valid reason or grounds to speak evil of you; trying to malign your name and damage your reputation. But, very often it stems from many of their own personal shortcomings i.e., insecurity, jealousy, envy, etc.

Several have clearly, mentally diagnosable reasons like:

1. If I can't have you No ONE can! I'll make you unappealing to others.

2. Crawdad syndrome, I'm stuck, I'm a loser, so I'll pull you down too!

3. Oh you think you're all that... ?

4. I wanna be YOU!

5. GOD told me to expose you! (smh)

6. This is what I do... I never have anything good to say about anybody.

These, and many other sick reasons like these, has spawned a generation of no-holes barred slanderers. Character assassination is common in our society because it has become one of the most effective weapons of our time. Everyone has an opinion and it's being sponsored by newsfeeds, FB, YouTube, Twitter, and others mediums around the world. People have no conscience about talking bad about anybody... and You are not exempt! That's why its time to fight back! Here's how!

WORDS! It's a battle of words! Words go up into the atmosphere with assignments. Yes, they have the assignment of whatever was given by the speaker. When people speak evil of you, the words that they speak are assigned to cause that statement to come to pass or to 'manifest.' Sounds spooky huh? Well, it proves that the person speaking that negative 'JUNK' is spooky too, and NOT spiritual.

But, You ALSO have a voice. You have the power to, not only annihilate those negative words, but to speak positive words into the atmosphere over your LIFE! Start each day by speaking prosperity and 'shalom' over yourself, your family, your business, and your ministry, etc. AND (because you are nice, caring and spiritual) you can speak deliverance to the person that's maligning you.

(If they accidentally fall into an open hole, it's not your fault).

Let's annihilate these character assassins! We know how to use the powerful weapon of WORDS! Use this strategy everyday. It will increase your peace. You will bless those that despitefully use you! and in turn, You will be Blessed!

This is one of my personal prayers against character assassins. You can use it too.

I disarm falsehoods, slander, speculation, accusation, misrepresentation, and character assassination. Father, cause the heavens to bow down with divine judgment and scatter them; I will lose no ground or territory through their backbiting efforts or initiatives. Cause them to see the evil of their ways and grant them repentance. Fill the void in their lives with your mercy and grace. Amen

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