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The Praise For War!

'Praise is what I doooo'... BUT, DOES YOUR PRAISE HAVE POWER?

THERE IS A PRAISE that's a powerful weapon, GIVEN BY GOD to subdue and overcome the enemies of our soul. That Praise is YADAH!

There are at least seven words in the Hebrew that are translated 'praise.' Some of which are: hallal, towdah, shabach, barak, tehillah, kara and yadah. Each of these Hebrew words possess a deeper meaning, which is often missed in its English translation. They each have a particular posture and physical expression.

The Hebrew word YADAH means- to throw, to cast down, to praise and to confess. It comes from two root words. 'YAD' which means the open hand, direction, or power. And 'AH' which has reference to Jehovah. Together they are rendered 'hands to God.' At first glance, you would assume that this means to lift your hands to God and praise. BUT, there's more to it than that! It has been scientifically proven that prayer, (and a kind of PRAISE) has a biochemical affect on the brain. It's the Yadah praise that can cause changes in neurotransmitters that produce a secretion of dopamine (which controls emotion and thought), and serotonin, (which controls moods). Am I saying that Yadah can affect my mood, thoughts and emotions? YES! This is particularly important when you realize that the number of people who are emotionally and psychologically dysfunctional has grown to epidemic proportions. Bipolar disorders, manic depression, schizophrenia, addictions and so many more. Millions of Christians are being effected. But, God has given us the weapon of YADAH!

The first mention of YADAH in the Bible is Gen 29:35. It's where Leah, the wife of Jacob, who after having three sons, was yet rejected and unloved. Her family didn't respect her. Her husband did't regard her. And she was constantly trying to gain approval and acceptance. But, after having her fourth son, Leah resisted the pain, lifted her hands and gave God a YADAH praise! And through the Power of that praise the enemies of misery, self-rejection, loneliness and abandonment were destroyed! She named her fourth son YADAH, which is translated JUDAH!

The second mention of Yadah will add more light. It is found in Gen 49:8 where it says, '...YADAH will be praised of his brothers and his hand (yad) would be upon the neck of his enemy!' CATCH THE REVELATION!

Leah received power to put her hand upon the neck of the enemies of her soul! The lifting up of the hands was the act of surrender and also the posture of receiving from God. When you YADAH praise, you are receiving from God the anointing that causes changes in your brain... in the way you think; the way you feel; and the way you look at yourself. YADAH praise is...receiving from GOD and giving Him the Glory!

God has prepared us with everything we need to overcome any attack of the enemies of our souls. He has given us Prayer, the Word, the Anointing and YADAH. So, whenever you are being attacked with poor self-esteem, loneliness, fear, anger and many other emotions, thoughts and moods... you can throw your hands up, confessing the Word of God, and feel the chemical change in your brain, HALLELUJAH! YADAH praise is a weapon!


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