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The Power of Expectation

DID YOU KNOW that 'EXPECTATION' is the FOUNDATION OF FAITH? When we think of expectation in the secular sense, we tend to leave room for something to happen that may alter our 'expected' outcome. This may largely be based upon what (or who) you have placed your 'expectation' in. There is a different connotation between expectation in our secular society and the meaning of expectation in the biblical sense. In the one, expectation is: 'a notion of something: a mental image of something expected, often compared to its reality.' Notice how vague and unsubstantiated this definition appears. But, the biblical definition of expectation is: 'an attitude of anticipation that something will happen.' So an expectation in the biblical sense is more than a possibility, just as hope (elpizo), to expect and confide, is more than an attitude of chance.

My point is that true expectation is not an unclear, unsure attitude, but one of a confident, and unquestionable looking for a positive outcome of something, especially because the expectation is based upon the Power of God! A pristine example of someone who had a real expectation of a positive outcome was the woman with an issue of blood in Mark 5:25. There are five points in this story that exemplifies the Power of real expectation. When she heard of Jesus she said in her heart, 'If I could but touch the hem of His garment, I shall be made whole.'

1. Expectation must be based upon what you hear and believe. She heard about Jesus. Faith comes by what you hear. Rom 10: 9-10.

2. Expectation has no alternative. She had exhausted all resources and options. God will allow you to get to the end of your rope so that He can redirect your attention. Then He will speak into that hopeless situation, and when you have a firm hold on what he said, an expectation will be birthed in your spirit. You've experience it before when your back was against the wall. God spoke to you and FAITH came!

3. Expectation will mobilize you! She had to come out. You can't have earnest expectation and not make a move. Making a move must put something into motion. You must DO something! The decision to end that relationship, handle it! The house you wanted, the job you're trying to get... apply again! Expectation makes preparation!

4. Expectation will stabilize you. She had to stand against fear and not run. The penalty for coming out among people with an issue of blood was stoning. The enemy tried to paralyze her with fear and doubt, but the power of expectation kept her focused on the hem of His garment! Rehearse your expectation in your mind and it will keep you focused on experiencing success!

5. Expectation will energize you. She had to push through the crowd. Can you imagine how weak and frail she must have been after bleeding for 12 years. The crowd in front of her must have been massive, with big strong guys flanking Jesus on every side. But her expectation, her confident, unshakable belief that she would be healed, energized her! And she not only pushed through the crowd, but she pushed until she touched the hem of His garment!

The Power of expectation will move you to victory. Don't settle for society's inconsistent, un-stable version of faith and hope... Know that it WILL happen! Push past fear; push past doubt; push past any person or mindset that stands in resistance, with an earnest EXPECTATION!

'Educating to Empower'

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