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Power of Perspective

There’s a story in the Bible that tells of the disciples in a terrible storm at sea with the winds and the waves beating against their ship, when suddenly Jesus came walking on the water. They were terrified because they didn’t recognize Him and thought it was a ghost. Peter says ‘If it be you Lord, bid me to come to you on the water.’ Jesus answered, ‘Come!’ Peter stepped out of the ship, and began to walk on the water toward Jesus. Most people focus on the fact that Peter saw the wind boisterous and began to sink. I like to focus on the fact that, even so, he ‘did’ walk on the water! But, Peter’s perspective changed when he saw the wind and the waves so overwhelming, and saw himself as incapable of staying afloat…even with Jesus on the water with him.

Perspective is everything.

How you ‘see’ a situation will determine whether you’ll become overwhelmed with discouragement, OR see it as an opportunity and a stepping stone toward your success.

According to Webster, ‘Perspective’ is: a particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person's point of view; It is a way of looking at or thinking about something.

Peter saw the waves before he stepped out of the ship, so the waves were not the immediate fear factor, but it was what he believed about the power of the winds that changed his perspective THEN he began to sink. It works the same way with any of us. You, for instance, may have lost your job (ministry, business, etc.) and your immediate response may be feeling overwhelmed with the fear of being unemployed and what that could mean. But, from another perspective, you can feel excited about new beginnings, new opportunities and new doors. It’s all in how you see it!

However, positivity is not an automatic response. You have to work at changing your perspective especially if you’re already fighting against fear of failure, anxiety or a fear of lack, your perspective of unemployment can be doom and gloom. How can you change that?

Let’s look at how you get a negative perspective. You have to believe in the power of a negative situation in order to become afraid of it. Like Peter, when he saw the winds boisterous (powerful, forceful) he began to sink. He had experienced a negative encounter with the winds that made him more afraid of the storm than confident in walking to Jesus on the water. Peter believed in the power of the winds from what he had seen in the past.

Your experiences help form your beliefs, and your belief determines your perspective. ‘I believe, therefore I perceive’.

Now, how can you change your perspective? You must change what you believe, regardless of what you’ve experienced! No matter what your situation is you can change your perspective by changing what you believe! And also WHO you believe!

I Believe GOD! God’s Word of has something positive to say about any negative situation you may encounter. You may have lost your job; lost your health; or lost your mind, God has a Word that will allow you to walk on the waters of your trials! You may have lost your mate and see yourself abandoned, alone and depressed, but if you change what you believe, you will see the hand of God! You will know that He has plans for you, to do you good and not evil. (Jer 29:11) Your perspective will change! If you believe that you’ll overcome, you will see yourself overcoming! If you believe you will succeed, you will see yourself successful! Remember, if you can’t see it, you can’t do it.

Perspective is Everything!

Be Blessed!

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